Custom Shop CTR-Punch Footers- Micro (CONTACT BEFORE ORDERING)

Strengthen your micro shafts running Easton's Deep Six HIT inserts.  Originally designed as a system for use with our Rayzor-VPA Custom Shop "6 Series" heads, the provide extra support sleeving the oustide and protecting the face of the shafts. They are 1" long and weigh 10gr.  Sold by the dozen.  Order by size.  Please Read- When using these footers with other brand heads designed for Easton's Deep Six 6-40 thread attachment.  If the heads have a micro shaft diameter ferrule or a ferrule that is beveled down to micro shaft diameter there will be a step up to the 5/16" diamter at the face footer. You will also want to keep in mind blade deployment and swept back blades.  Although to date we have not had specific report of brand/modle they do not work with, there are too many heads on the market for us to keep track of.  If you are are not using our "6 Series" heads, please dry fit them and check clearances prior to gluing them in place.  

Standard color is Tungsten Grey.  Occasionally we have other colors such as Bordeaux Red and Burnt Orange as shown in the pic.  Contact us for other colors that may be available.

Easton 4mm Carbon Injexion and  FMJ Injexion- 0- 450 Inj, 460 FMJ Inj    1- 390 Carbon Inj and 400 4mm FMJ   1A- 330 4mm FMJ inj (In Stock Now)   2- 330 Carbon Inj  and 280 4mm FMJ (CONTACT ME)  3- Black Eagle Deep Impact 300 running modified Deep Six HIT inserts(contact me for more info)   4- 280 Carbon Inj (CONTACT ME)

Custom Shop CTR-Punch Footers- Micro (CONTACT  BEFORE ORDERING)
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