Custom Shop "6 Series" 3 Blades

Custom Shop "6 Series" are not just another broadhead but are the strongest system available for use with Easton's Deep Six reduced size 6-40 thread attachment system.  They certainly live up to their "Penetrator" nickname.

As with all Rayzor-VPA Custom Shop broadheads our "6 Series" 3 Blades are CNC machined in one piece from high carbon, tool grade steel.  They are then heat treated and through hardened to 50 rockwell.   Our '6 Series' come with our CTR-Punch footer adapters which slip over the shaft.  They act as a traditional footer sleeve supporting the OD of the shaft and adding additional protection against breakage.  They also have a lip which covers the face of the shaft, or insert in the case of the RPS.  The standard color will be black or Tungsten Grey in most applications.  Special runs on other colors  such as the Burnt Orange pictured, Bordeaux Red, Green will be available in some application on a limited basis.  

Near the end during checkout you will need to specifiy Brand, Model, and Spine of the shafts you are using as well as whether they are bare/black, camo or traditional woodgrain dipped, in the special instructions section.  We can fit many applications from not only Easton models but also Beman, Black Eagle, Carbon Express, Goldtip and other shafts when using with Eastons Deep Six HIT and steel Deep Six RPS inserts.   

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Custom Shop "6 Series" 3 Blades
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